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Who we are?

Melrose Custom Homes Inc. was incorporated in June of 1991 the company is co-owned by brothers Charles Jr. and Sal Campise.

We were both raised in and around the building business our father Charles Sr. built our first house when we were 7 and 9 years old and we were at that house every day moving lumber straightening nails picking up trash and we loved it. Our passion to build things grew through the years dad would bring home scrap lumber from his construction sites and we would get creative and build everything from skateboard ramps to tree houses. We learned the value of team work and the value of money management. We were proud of our creations then as we are proud of the homes and relationships we build now.Charles and Sal have a strong Christian and family bond and are deeply rooted in their Italian heritage. We are committed to treating our buyers as well as our subcontractors with respect and dignity and in return we are given testimonials and referals from homeowners and quality workmanship from our subs. We love what we do and feel it is reflected in our finished product.

The Campise family grew up in the construction business; their decades of experience have honed the meticulous care and daily personal attention they give to each project to ensure it meets their specifications. Campise's open and honest communication has cultivated a strong core of loyal subcontractors and suppliers that are committed to providing the highest level of service. Campise homebuyers find comfort in the warm, personable and open style.

FAMILY TRADITION Charles and his sons Charles Jr., and Sal care deeply about fairness, value, and customer satisfaction, for the long term. So whether you are looking for a glamorous townhome overlooking the beautiful Houston skyline, an enchanting home overlooking the bay, or a charming home in a serine community, Campise homes can make your every dream come true within your budget.

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